Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday December 28.

I really love these colours of those photographs (Source: 
It gives me an " all season feeling" the flowers spring, the sweater winter, the coat autumn and the soft pink colours summer. Also the soft mint colour is very nice, you see them very very often in shops.

Anyway, I found the camera I want and from now on, I'll save my money.
I'm gonna buy a sony alpha 380. I think it needs some time for me, but then I've a real good camera.

Here some inspiration pics.

I'm soo excited for tomorrow! I will go to the Efteling like each year.
The winterefteling with some friends and my family. For those who doesn't know it. Its a sort of theme fantasy park with fairytales and nice attractions. I'm really gonna enjoy it.
So tomorrow no posts, because I'm away.

xoxo Zoe

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