Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christian Dior Spring 2012

Look what's there! Yeah! Its the wonderful and amazing Christian Dior collection! And guess what? I love it. I love the color red, the clothes fits perfect on the models and its like a fantasy world with prefect clothes.
It is a bit partylike but definitly a real succesful Fashion Brand sign. I've nothing more to add.

Life:I'm going to have a busy week, upcoming week. With a big biology test and other tests. I've to learn very hard, because I've a promise with my mother, If I have a higher mark than a 8 (B) (Out of 10) I will get 2 euro's and if I've a 10 I will get 5 euro's and I can use the money, so I'm gonna study a lot :)
That's why I'm posting so much for now, and for some reasons I'm full of inspiration right now. So I use it before it'll go away ;) haha.

If you have any comments: You can add it as always! I love comments and even though no one is putting comments, don't be affraid I like it when someone's saying I'm doing something wrong, so I can change it and do it better next time. Do you have questions? You can also send me an email 
xoxo Zoë

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