Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday December 28.

I really love these colours of those photographs (Source: 
It gives me an " all season feeling" the flowers spring, the sweater winter, the coat autumn and the soft pink colours summer. Also the soft mint colour is very nice, you see them very very often in shops.

Anyway, I found the camera I want and from now on, I'll save my money.
I'm gonna buy a sony alpha 380. I think it needs some time for me, but then I've a real good camera.

Here some inspiration pics.

I'm soo excited for tomorrow! I will go to the Efteling like each year.
The winterefteling with some friends and my family. For those who doesn't know it. Its a sort of theme fantasy park with fairytales and nice attractions. I'm really gonna enjoy it.
So tomorrow no posts, because I'm away.

xoxo Zoe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quick outfit pics.

Hi, Here's a quick outfit post. This is just a simple sweater with shorts. Those are new, and is totally different than my own style, but I like it though. I like cute dresses and jewellery and mostly the preppy look. 

Today I went shopping with a friend. I haven't bought so much today.
I bought a cute necklet and a ring. I'll show some pictures later.
I'm sooo excited for Thursday,because I'll go to the Efteling (Themepark)
Its my favorite park and I'm gonna enjoy it.

I'm sorry for the pour quality, it was bad weather and my Iphone (old one) doesn't have a good camera. 

xoxo Zoe

Happy New Year.

I wish you all a very happy new year!
I wish you all the best!
Have fun everyone, I wanted to do a flashback of my blog, but thats totally useless, because I don't have it even 2 months yet. So next year a flashback ;)


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Big Plans for me.

Hi guys, I wanna make my blog more interesting and tomorrow I'm going to take pictures.
I really want a camera and at one moment I was thinking: "Hey... I went to Cambridge, didn't I had a camera there?"And yes I had one. So I searched through my whole house. Everywhere but I really couldn't find it.
So there's one option. Saving money to buy one. And I'm really bad.... So I'm going to take picture's tomorrow... with my Iphone 3, which just have 3 megapixels.

Anyway.. First of all I really wanna buy a camera, but I also had a design in my mind for a blouse. I'm gonna make a blouse. So my good intention for 2012 is: Do not buy everything and don't buy candy anymore.
I'm also gonna do a Q&A and you've 2 weeks or something like that to send your question to and you'll come in my blog. If you've your own blog... you can send me a question and the link of your blog, because I want to read some new fashionblogs. I've time enough, because its the holiday!!

Thankyou :)

xoxo Zoë

New boughts.

I'm sorry guys for the poor quality. ( My Phone)

 Picture 1:The Sting// Picture 2: Primark//Picture 3: Primark//Picture 4: Primark// Picture 5:Primark//Picture 6: Fishbone (New Yorker)//Picture 7: The Sting//

 Hi everyone! So yesterday I went to the Primark and today I also bought some new stuff.
First of all I'm really sorry for the poor quality of my Iphone, but I just wanted to post this. Second of all, I'm also sorry for the picture which is upsidedown. My laptop is acting strange so for some reasons it is upsidedown...

And o ma'goodness it was sooooo busy in the Primark.I'm glad I survived it :) Anyway, what a stupid people are living in the world. Without respect for clothing, they just throw it on the ground, I really don't like that and in the shop they were pushing everyone.. That was not fun at all. But I bought very nice clothes. Especially my broques shoes and my bag. I love them all. I went searching a long time for the perfect broques and I finally found them. My sweater (Picture2 which is upsidedown) is really warm :)
Unfortuneatly I didn't find a fake fur jacket. But I'll keep searching.

I hope you all having a nice Christmas. I'm going to the beach and have dinner there ( in a restaurant) and the second day I'm going to my grandma. I hope y'all gonna enjoy it. I do! :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A few days before Christmas.

This, This is called delicious. Christmaslicous.

Chanel, one of my favorite brands.



Ahh. please, this look is really delightful. I live the colour of the blouse and I'm in love with that skirt. I love the print its.... stunning. I actually don't came up with a word that desribe the skirt. anyway, its amazing. And the basic (sort-of) shoes under it are nice.

Chanel Iman(right), one of its succefullest topmodels. ( From Victoria Secret off course, H&M and lots of other brands)

Doutzen Kroes (Most known from Victoria Secret) She is the most famour model from The Netherlands and we're so proud! She's stunning. And good news! Doutzen is an actress now! She played the leadrole in Nova Zembla. The first Dutch 3D movie. She did it really well. And was amazing in 3D. The movie is about how Willem Barentz had been exploring the world. I hope she'll get more movieroles soon.

Its been a while ago, since I posted a long post. Why didn't I do it?
I'll tell you. I was busy, with school. But not anymore!!! because tomorrow is my last day and we are going to have a Christmas Dinner. I'm so excited, with all those cupcakes, brownie's and other delicious unhealthy food. I'm going to eat till I Die!! No I'm just kidding. I'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

Today was a really chill day. We watched in every class a movie, because it was our last lesson before the break. And I went to the Church (I'm not religious) to celebrate Christmas with my little brother's school.
And tomorrow (Maybe) I'm going to the Primark in Rotterdam and I'll buy some new stuff :D
I go to the Primark, very very very often, because its always really really busy. You have to wait for almost 2 hours to buy something. And there aren't lots of Primark's in The Netherlands. ahh screw that!
Its one of my favorites shops.

I'm also excited for that. Also... Sunday its Christmas and I'm going to celebrate it, I mean duhhhhh off course I will. I asked a camera and I'm sure I won't get that, because its really expensive :)
I will see... maaaayybbbeee... I hoooopppeee sooo.
I'm being silly at the moment, because I'm so excited.

These photographs are from the site and I just picked some random. The ones I liked.
I'll tell you tomorrow more about what I bought in the Primark and about the Christmas Dinner.

Glitter and Glamour

Its almost Christmas!!!!! I love Christmas, its the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortuneatly we've no snow this year, but it will be amazing. Christmas is a nice time, with the Christmas tree full of sparkles, light and decorations. And your look can be decorated as well. WITH GLITTER AND GLAMOUR.
Dress: Joey Samson//Clutch: Alexander McQueen//Earrings: Chanel//shoes: Yves Saint Laurent.

This is a very nice Christmas sparkle look. You also can wear it for New Year's Eve. The Dress from Joey Samson is a real eyecatcher even as the Clutch from Alexander McQueen.
Well done girl! :D

(This look isn't mine,its from For more of these looks, you can search on

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to follow

Hi everyone, I heard people had some problems with following my blog.
I'll tell you how to do it in Dutch and English.

If you go to followers ( right sidebar) just click on follow and choose with what kind of account you want to follow this blog. You can follow this blog with your twitter account, your Google account, blogger account or Yahoo account. I really appreciate my followers, because I don't have much yet. I follow every single of my follower back, you don't have to ask. I just follow back. always :)
I hope you understand it :D xoxo Zoë

En voor de Nederlandse of Belgische lezers.
Als je naar "followers"of "friends"gaat. Klik je op follow en kies je met wat soort account je wilt volgen. Dat kan met je twitter account, Google account, blogger account of Yahoo account en dan klik je op "Follow this blog". Ik ben heel erg dankbaar voor al mijn followers, want ik ben nog maar net begonnen en ik heb er nog niet zoveel. ik volg iedereen terug. Altijd :)
Ik hoop dat jullie nu weten hoe je dit blog moet volgen :)

Elle Fanning

Monday, December 19, 2011

People Magazine: Sexiest Man Alive

People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2011.
And guess what the supermegafoxyawesomehotman Darren Criss won.
He is a 24 year old guy, who plays the Gay Teenager Blaine in the Fox series GLEE.
He is not gay in reallife. And I think he looks Stunning on this picture.
What do you think? And funny to say, but I am his biggest fan.
He's not only an actor, he is also a great singer, pianist, songwriter, he plays guitar, violen, drums and more.
He has so much talent. He is owner of Team Starkid, a theater productions and was drummer in his Brothers band "Chuck"Freelance Whales.

Like I said he is an amazing singer and all these information do I know by heart. I know more... actually too much haha :p I found some cool videos of Darren Criss.

Darren Criss singing Stutter ( at Joe's pub 18/12/2011)

Darren Criss at Market Days in chicago (Stutter(again:p) Playing guitar and drums)
Darren Criss on GLEE (as Blaine Anderson and the Warblers singing Teenage Dream(cover of katy perry)

Kourtney Kardashian shows Mason's wardrobe.

NEW VIDEO: Kourtney Kardashian shows off Mason's wardrobe
Amsterdam - Kourtney Kardashian is definitely the most stylish one of the Kardashian sisters. Usually does she look for a immaculate. Her friend Scott Disick can some of it. He carries his preppy style so far that at one point even went walking with a cane because he was smart.

It is only logical that son Mason also has a wardrobe that you say against you. Kourtney builds his wardrobe out cheaper and more expensive items. Especially H & M finds a good place to score great items.

She gives us a peek into Mason's wardrobe through a video on its website. At the end of the movie gives them a very good tip.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Outfit from LookBook

Hi everyone, I was looking at some outfits at like usual and found this outfit.
This is a 23 year old girl from Athens and is now living in Rome (Italy) I like the long skirt, which makes her look unique and the colour of her sweater. Also the head is very nice, it makes the look mysterious and the tiger print bag makes it funky. Well done girl!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I like flowers very much and pink is my favorite colour. Thats why I needed to post this. Some of my favorite flowers photographs. The clutch in the first picture stands definitely on my wish-list. I do not know where it is from, but I'm really curious about it. I found picture 1,2 and 3 from and picture 4 from
I hope you guys also loves flowers :D

I have almost my school holidays. FINALLY!!!! And I really hope its going to snow. I love snow.
This week I'm really busy, because I have some schooltests, but be prepared, because in my holiday I'm gonna post new posts! more than usual. :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Visual Delight.

Some looks for the Winter. Get inspiration from it and do not forget enjoy! I don't have the links or where it is from anymore, because it were some random pics I didn't use yet from my computer. I apologize for this and next time I'll do it. So for now just look at it, if you want or if you dare!