Saturday, December 24, 2011

Big Plans for me.

Hi guys, I wanna make my blog more interesting and tomorrow I'm going to take pictures.
I really want a camera and at one moment I was thinking: "Hey... I went to Cambridge, didn't I had a camera there?"And yes I had one. So I searched through my whole house. Everywhere but I really couldn't find it.
So there's one option. Saving money to buy one. And I'm really bad.... So I'm going to take picture's tomorrow... with my Iphone 3, which just have 3 megapixels.

Anyway.. First of all I really wanna buy a camera, but I also had a design in my mind for a blouse. I'm gonna make a blouse. So my good intention for 2012 is: Do not buy everything and don't buy candy anymore.
I'm also gonna do a Q&A and you've 2 weeks or something like that to send your question to and you'll come in my blog. If you've your own blog... you can send me a question and the link of your blog, because I want to read some new fashionblogs. I've time enough, because its the holiday!!

Thankyou :)

xoxo Zoë

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