Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One step into my silly life.

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 I'm going to show my weekend/week in pictures! There are also some pictures from last week, so the Vogue and Elle things are old and I'm a little bit late with it, but I'm still proud of our Dutch Vogue!

So, as you can see this is the Dutch Vogue and Elle. It was available on Thurday 22 March and I was so happy, that I bought it very early in the morning BEFORE I went to school :)

This weekend was the weather beatiful and I made some nature pictures in Friesland.

 I also made some failed outfitpictures near my house, there's a great graffiti wall! The jeans is from Supertrash, the shirt is new and from the fiftysix and this real leather jacket is couture and vintage :) (shoes, converse)
 And I went with the boat with dad and Noah, at my uncles house, its his boat! haha :D

Lucky me! I got this vintage Louis Vuitton wall-e! And I'm sooo happy ! It looks great!
And now I'm learning for my history test, and jup a you can see its in English, because I'm doing TTO.

Lots of Love,


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Alive!!!

Picture 1 is a dress from a shop, I borrowed it of my friend Dewi.
And Yep! I'm still alive, I had problems with uploading pictures, was and still am really really busy with school and other things and I'm enjoying the lovely weather! Just a summary what happened the past few days in my life.

I went to Sneek and bought a new shirt and went shopping, later we went with the boat with some friends and it was really fun, My stitchingmachine was broken, while I was making something really awesome and I need to fix it so I can't make it now, also my sketchbook was wet so all my designs are gone. And There'll be a "bloghelper" soon, because I want to post more. Her name is Anne-Mae and she'll help me with photo's and the rest :D I hope you'll gonna like it. Maybe an intervieuw with her!
So now, I'm going to learn for my German, Geography and History test, ughhh.

Byeee! Love ya! x Zoë

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2012 2013

I was watching a lot os catwalkshows and I immediately fell in love with the Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2012, 2013 collection; Its romantic, delightful, fabulous, chique and classy. Just perfect.
I like the nude colors and the length of the dress. Its good matched with the natural hair and make-up.

Midnight Classy!Voila! It reminds me to Paris for some reasons, anyways, I like the colors and the comfortable coloured sandals.

The coat is really something I want to have in my wardrobe, also the nude simple dress under it is amazing! I love the pastel pink color with the decor on the background, its so romantic in a classy way.

This is a girly jumpsuit, is you have the perfect shape, it'll looks amazing, there's nothing more to add; no jewellery or amazing hair/make-up. Just keep it simple and it will be fabulous.

Simple chique, c'est eblouissant! Just stunning. This will everybody look good.

The first dress of the whole collection and it was immediately amazing. I like the white and pink together and the length is great!
What do you think of this collection?



Saturday, March 17, 2012


 Jacket: H&M// Shirt: Vintage//Jeans: Supertrash// Bag: Wonen&Zo//Shoes: Converse Allstar//Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

I already posted something, but here's my outfit from today! I really like the shirt, and the pants. I'm wearing different fabrics, but its not really special.



Photograpjer: Juergen Teller
Photographer: Juergen Teller
Also made by Juergen Teller
Japanese Lolita
Marc By Marc Jacobs. Photograpjer: Juergen Teller
Photograph made by Photographer Tim Walker
Japanese Streetstyle
by Juergen Teller

Its been a while ago, I posted something, but I was so busy this week! I had this whole week theatre in the afternoon and evening and on Thursday, Friday and Wednesday we performed for 350 people per day! It was great! We did West Side Story! I'll show you the pictures soon!

I've chosen his photographs, because I like them very much! Juergen Teller IS my inspiration! He's such an influental man with so much creative talent! He's a great photographer! I just want be like him, in a girls version haha!Anyways, I'm going to post some more, to make it good!

Just some lists!

I'm looking forward to:
* Going to the Hot Chelle Rae concert about 16 days!
* Going to live in London, when I'm older!
* Have a Jetpack..
* The summer and wear some of my favorite dresses
* Next year and be a part of mutoda again
* To go to a Fashion week, If I'll get invited sometime.
* The next vacation

People I adore:
*One Direction, one of its coolest bands in the world!
* Hot Chelle Rae! Another cool band!
* Japanese Lolita's!
* Marc Jacobs, the most influental people in the fashion community
* Team Starkid
* Juergen Teller
* Karl Lagerfeld
* ALL THE BLOGGERS IN THE WORLD, who are all my inspiration.
* My Friendsssss!
* My parents and family

Bye! Love you!
x Zoë