Saturday, May 26, 2012

Preppy outfit

Yesterday I went to the Primark with Anne-Mae and Lisa and we had so much fun, I found so much cool clothes, but a lot was sold out in my size, but I also had some cool stuff, like this cute shirt with collar, shorts, socks and bag. The shoes are also from the Primark, but I already had it. This outfit is totally Primark, funny, because I almost never shop there though.  This outfit is pretty preppy :) lol

Have a nice weekend!  Much Love, Zoë

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Honestly I just don't care about the title.

Shirt: Maison Skotch//Sweater: Street one//Jeans: Zara//Shoes: Allstars.

Almost weekend again!!WEEEE! And its almost summer vacation! Just a few weeks to go.
The weather is fantastic in the Netherlands and I'm in a wonderful mood! I wore this outfit, I think 3 months ago or something, haha, but my camera charger was lost for a while and I found it! yay!
Have a nice day, have a nice life! x Zoë

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chanel Resort 2013

No doubt, this is my favorite collection of the past 4 years! (Including Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012)
Karl Lagerfeld is such a genius! He did so much collections in his life and its still very creative. This collection reminds me a little bit of a doll look and a Japanese Lolita, which I really love! If I was rich, I would buy this. Unfortunately, I have to dream.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Because YOLO

Hey, I changed my outfit, because YOLO and I like this one more than the other one. What do you think? I like the little lace thing I got from my mom, so its vintage and these shoes under it.
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Love you all! x Zoe

Outfit: The lovely sunglasses

Shirt: Skotch and Soda//Cardigan: H&M Divided// Shorts: Fishbone// Polkadot tights: H&M// Shoes: Converse// Sunglasses: Primark

I haven't posted an outfit for a while and its probably because I dont have time to take pictures or they fail most of the time, because my selftimer does really weird. This is a pretty boring outfit, but I love my sunglasses! 

Yesterday I went sailing, eat something in a hotel and then went to Music Festivals. It was great and I aaaatteeee aaa looootttt! Did you all liked my interview with Lisanne? :)

Much Love,


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interview with Lisanne Beute from Fashionable and Me

Today I interviewed one of my favorite bloggers: Lisanne Beute from Fashionable and Me! I'm following her blog for a pretty long time and she has always been in my top-3 of my favorite bloggers. I was honoured to interview her and this is probably one of my best interviews. 

How do we recognize you and your style?
My style is girly and elegant with a fashionable touch. That touch can be everything, mostly it is something that people don't expect like a leather piece or something boyish. I love special items, things that not everyone wears. I also like pieces with a pattern.

Do you get inspired by people on the street? If yes, where do you think is the best streetsyle?
Yes, I get inspired by people on the street. I think Amsterdam is the best place to be in the Netherlands, but last summer I spend in Denmark and there we went to Copenhagen. That was really amazing, that people are sooo well dressed. Copenhagen is definitely my number one.

Do you like the catwalkstyle or do you prefer streetstyle?
I like a combination of both. I love watching catwalk shows, the pieces they show on the catwalk really inspire me. I like the tought behind the pieces. But, I also love streetstyle, because that are real people, who wear their own combinations. I love sitting on a terrace in the summer and watching people.

How do you combine your clothes?
I always try to combine my clothes in a different way.Actually, I never wear the same combination. Sometimes, when I'm really busy, It's hard, but I just don't like wearing the same combination twice.

What is the coolest thing you've ever done?
Hm, that's a hard question! If I look to the things that I did because I have a blog, it's definitely the Young Talent shoot for the Dutch CosmoGIRL and also Amsterdam Fashion Week was an amazing experience. Futhermore, a really cool thing I did was going to sailingkamps - I did that since I was 8 years old - , because that's always such an nice expirience.

How did you get invited for Fashion week and what was your first reaction?
I opened my mailbox last year July - I think it was July, but maybe it was alreay August - and I saw the email with the invitation, I run to my mom and screamed: 'I'm invited for Amsterdam Fashion Week, aaaaaaah'. I really didn't expected it and It took some days until I realised it. I just got the invitation and I didn't do something special to get it, except blogging ;)

What do you want to reach in your life and with your blog?
In life, I want to do things I love, like blogging, being busy with fashion, spending days with friends and graduate at high school next year. I have a goal and I want to reach that goal. My goal isn't very specific, but I know that I want to mean something for the fashion industry when I'm older. I want to keep my blog as I hobby. It's a kind of personal diary about my life and outfits. It's great to look back to one year ago and see the changes.

What do you want to reach in the fashionindustry?
I don't now yet what I really want to reach. After my high school I want to go to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute to do the study Fashion&Branding and after that I would like to work at a magazine or work for a brand/label. It's also a dream to start a own company. I would like if someone hears the name ‘Lisanne Beute’ that people say: ‘Ohh, that’s that girl’, haha.

How did you get to be blogger for Cosmogirl?
As I told I had a shoot because I was scouted as Young Talent. After that, they asked me If I wanted to blog for their site and ofcourse I said yes. I really like it!

What things do you enjoy the most about blogging?
Being busy with fashion, styling, photograhy and writing. Blogging is a kind of expressing yourself, finding your own style. I know and learn what I like and what I dislike and I also got much more confidence trough my blog. 
11.What are you doing in your free time? Do you also spend your free time with fashion?
 I also spend free time with fashion. I like to work on my style book, I like to draw, I like to style outfits and I also love reading fashion magazines. Besides this, I have a job and unfortunately I have to spend quite a lot of time on school.

How do you promote your blog?
Actually, I don't really promote my blog. I'm just blogging. If I have time, I leave reactions on other blogs. The blogs for CosmoGIRL ensure a bit promotion.

Do you have any tips for small blogs who want to be big like me? :) 
Just be yourself. Blog things that you like, be enthousiastic and work on your blog with passion. I believe that If you believe this things yourself, other people will see it too. Don't focus to much on 'becoming a big blog' but just have fun in what your are doing!

Check her blog out HERE
(Pictures are chosen by me (my favorite outfits by Lisanne) and are all from


Much Love,


Monday, May 7, 2012

Fall Winter 2012/13 looks


  I was looking on like usual and I saw some collections for the 1000th time, I thought I made a post of it, but then I realised I DIDN'T! So here are some outfits I've chosen. My opinion is under it, I hope you like it!
Meadhamm Kirchoff
I really ike classy or simple, but I also like things like Meadhamm
Kirchoff and Vivienne Westood, and o geez I need
this sweater! I love it! Its so happy, bright and funny!

Anna Sui
I love this, the colours fo the top reminds me of a peacock.
That is also a wonderful animal though. Its very fall-like.
The fur makes it more downtown.

Antonia Marras
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Antonia Marras, but this collection is so so so stunning. I lobe the fabric they used, the coat and the simple shoes that match perfect with the outfit.

I'm so glad that Laura and Kate Mulleavy decided to
become fashion designers, because I haven't experienced yet
that I said: Ugh, I don't like this Rodarte collection.
I always do, especially this dress!

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs is genius, we probably all know that!
This outfit is so simple, but its just amazing!
This guy is a wizard or something, I want this coat!
And I need those shoes!

Marc Jacobs
More, more and more Marc Jacobs! I like Marc Jacobs more than Marc by Marc Jacobs and Lindsey Wixson is a great model!
I recognized her immediately, because of her lips :) I like the colours together and the shoes.

Vivienne Westwood
Oh Vievienne, I wish you was my grandma!
You are so creative and I lve your designs!
Just like this one, I like pink cloth, it makes the look

I need... wel actually I want this coat and the shoes. period.
Dries van Noten
The coat is really something I would wear, it looks a little bit like my new coat from the Monki, but this coat is even better! I also like the pants and shoes.

What is your favorite collection?

xoxo Zoë

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Its Sunday!

 Dress: H&M Divided//Cardigan: Street One//Tights: New Yorker//Knee high socks: LegFashion//Shoes:H&M Divided

Wow, so much pictures! Its pretty much because I made like 1000 pictures today. This was the last day of my lovely holiday... I NEED MORE! Yesterday it was " Bevrijdingsdag" I went to Leeuwarden and bought this cute dress from the H&M, I needed a cute summerdress, well I actually have a lot of them, but I just wanted this one. The shoes are also new, I bought this in Enschede. I never wear things like this, but I really like them. I have more outfits coming up, I hope!!

Oh.. and I got a question, the same from different people.. its: What is your last name Zoe?
Well.. my last name is Akihary, my full name is Zoe Yasemin Akihary, but I only like my first name, so I always use my first name. People call me ZoeSowy, or ZooZoo or just Zoe (pronounced as Zoo)
Make this a bit of sense? :)

Much Love, Zoe!