Thursday, December 22, 2011

A few days before Christmas.

This, This is called delicious. Christmaslicous.

Chanel, one of my favorite brands.



Ahh. please, this look is really delightful. I live the colour of the blouse and I'm in love with that skirt. I love the print its.... stunning. I actually don't came up with a word that desribe the skirt. anyway, its amazing. And the basic (sort-of) shoes under it are nice.

Chanel Iman(right), one of its succefullest topmodels. ( From Victoria Secret off course, H&M and lots of other brands)

Doutzen Kroes (Most known from Victoria Secret) She is the most famour model from The Netherlands and we're so proud! She's stunning. And good news! Doutzen is an actress now! She played the leadrole in Nova Zembla. The first Dutch 3D movie. She did it really well. And was amazing in 3D. The movie is about how Willem Barentz had been exploring the world. I hope she'll get more movieroles soon.

Its been a while ago, since I posted a long post. Why didn't I do it?
I'll tell you. I was busy, with school. But not anymore!!! because tomorrow is my last day and we are going to have a Christmas Dinner. I'm so excited, with all those cupcakes, brownie's and other delicious unhealthy food. I'm going to eat till I Die!! No I'm just kidding. I'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

Today was a really chill day. We watched in every class a movie, because it was our last lesson before the break. And I went to the Church (I'm not religious) to celebrate Christmas with my little brother's school.
And tomorrow (Maybe) I'm going to the Primark in Rotterdam and I'll buy some new stuff :D
I go to the Primark, very very very often, because its always really really busy. You have to wait for almost 2 hours to buy something. And there aren't lots of Primark's in The Netherlands. ahh screw that!
Its one of my favorites shops.

I'm also excited for that. Also... Sunday its Christmas and I'm going to celebrate it, I mean duhhhhh off course I will. I asked a camera and I'm sure I won't get that, because its really expensive :)
I will see... maaaayybbbeee... I hoooopppeee sooo.
I'm being silly at the moment, because I'm so excited.

These photographs are from the site and I just picked some random. The ones I liked.
I'll tell you tomorrow more about what I bought in the Primark and about the Christmas Dinner.

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