Saturday, December 24, 2011

New boughts.

I'm sorry guys for the poor quality. ( My Phone)

 Picture 1:The Sting// Picture 2: Primark//Picture 3: Primark//Picture 4: Primark// Picture 5:Primark//Picture 6: Fishbone (New Yorker)//Picture 7: The Sting//

 Hi everyone! So yesterday I went to the Primark and today I also bought some new stuff.
First of all I'm really sorry for the poor quality of my Iphone, but I just wanted to post this. Second of all, I'm also sorry for the picture which is upsidedown. My laptop is acting strange so for some reasons it is upsidedown...

And o ma'goodness it was sooooo busy in the Primark.I'm glad I survived it :) Anyway, what a stupid people are living in the world. Without respect for clothing, they just throw it on the ground, I really don't like that and in the shop they were pushing everyone.. That was not fun at all. But I bought very nice clothes. Especially my broques shoes and my bag. I love them all. I went searching a long time for the perfect broques and I finally found them. My sweater (Picture2 which is upsidedown) is really warm :)
Unfortuneatly I didn't find a fake fur jacket. But I'll keep searching.

I hope you all having a nice Christmas. I'm going to the beach and have dinner there ( in a restaurant) and the second day I'm going to my grandma. I hope y'all gonna enjoy it. I do! :D

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