Saturday, December 3, 2011

Acne Spring 2012

Hi, so I found a new brand, which I never have seen before. Maybe its very famous, but I didn't know it before. The collection was showed in the London Fashion Week 2012, I didn't go to it. I wish I did!
I've never been to a Fashion week, but its my dream though. So I go for it.

Anyway the brand is called acne and it is a bit basic without much prints or something.
But I really like it, it fits perfect on the models and it also have some clothes for men.
Like I said its a bit basic, but good basic though and different materials and some cool colours like pink.

The colours are good, I like the jeans, but I really don't like the shoes. It makes the look Grandpa-like.
The jacket is also cool made.

I love the colours of the dress together! it matches with the hair colour of the model and her skin colour.
The long coat is not really nice, but Its not ugly.
And yeah the shoes are ugly.

TOP. The shoes are totally awesome with the dress which is beatiful and the yellow coat.
I love those kinds of yellow and the hair of the model fits perfect with the outfit.

Nice colour pink, the leather years are nice with the pink shirt, shoes are ugly.

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