Monday, December 12, 2011

The most inpirital things in the world.

I love this bag and the bird.

Dress from Valentine.
I really love this dress.


Italian (?) VOGUE December 2011


Some inspirital photographs and off course the old London City belongs to it.
I've been to London and seriously it is the most wondeful city of the world. Full of fashion and people. I love it! I went two times, I totally love the Topshop and U definitly want that shop in The Netherlands. I also love the Primark, but we have that shop here, but not as big as in London. Canterbury is a wonderful city either, the old buildings and the outside of the University, I haven't took any photograph, because I went in March, so that is a while ago.

And wow! The Prada Spring 2012 collection, full of these colours and prints. Anyway I'm in love with those clutches, I wish I could have them. The clutches are totally my style and they are awesome.
By the way, the last photograph is of the Prada MEN collection Spring 2012. Don't get confused ;)

It was not a really good day though, I had a biology test about the Digestive System and for some reason I totally had a Black-out or so. The rest of the day went really good and I've two B's (8) for PE class! :D

And I've other Awesome news! I've an Iphone 3! A black one... I actually prefer a white one, but I got the old one of my mother, because she bought an Iphone 4S and my Blackberry fell in the water, while it was raining and didn't work anymore, haha you don't have to tell me It's Stupid!
I'm also gonna take Ballet lessons, I love to look at it and now I'm gonna take Ballet class soon.

Also... Darren Criss ( You might know him from the Fox series Glee as Blaine Anderson or from A Very Potter Musical/Sequeal and other Starkid shows, which was one of the most vieuwed youtube musicals)
He is one of my biggest Idols, because he is Totally Awesome (okay, stupid Starkid joke)
He IS totally Awesome. I love the colour of his suite and the shoes, and bowtie which gives him a loyal look.
Well Done Darren!

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