Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Fashion Icons.

Did you all have had a good new years eve? I hope so. I wish you all a very good 2012!
I did enjoy it, we celebrated it at my aunt and uncle's house with a lot of people. It was so much fun.

You all need to get inspiration from something. I get them from magazines, other fashionblogs but the most from people. These are my biggest Fashion Icons.

    Mostly Dakota (with the dress) and Elle Fanning! There clothing is really cool and always fashionable. ( In my sight) They are wearing things, you can wear always not just for a party and they dare to try out things.
I think they have very much talent for fashion. Dakota is just 19 (? I think) and Elle 13. 

Mary-Kate Olsen. I actually love both of the Olsen twins, but I prefer the style of Mary-Kate.
She doesn't just wear something, she does something with the clothing which makes it looks beatifull.
I think if I will give her a very ugly shirt, she can make it looking cool with matching and combining other cool things.

Youngest Fashion Blogger and who has her own magazine. http://www.RookieMag.com
Tavi Gevinson, she has a very very unique look and I really like it. To be honest with you not always, but most of the time I do. She has very much talent and wears always very much layers and stuff. She likes to wear a lot of vintage which I really like. For the ones who wants to read her blog here's the link: http://www.therookiestyle.com

And Whitney Port. I just love the things she's wearing. There is not very much to explain :)

And where do you get inspiration from? :)


  1. Je hebt echt een coole blog. Leuk hou je vertelt over je 'fashion icons.' Ik vind Dakota & Elle Fanning ook gaaf, zeg. Elle is even oud als mij, moet je nagaan hoe beroemd ze al is :D Ze geeft me altijd het gevoel dat iedereen iets kan bereiken, want zij heeft het ook gedaan.
    Hoe je over Mary-Kate vertelt is grappig. Mooie post!


Thanyou so much for your comment! Love you!