Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashion in all Directions.

The Hippies


Here I am again! And last week I made some beatiful pink cupcakes :)
Today I'm gonna tell some more about me.... foooolllooooow.

Things I always wanted to do in my life:
1.On holiday to Hawaii
2.Get an inviting for a Fashion Week and go to it.
3.Walking over a Rainbow
4.Meet Miss.J Alexander and go ship with him in London
5.5 minutes shopping for Free in River Island, Primark, Zara or Topshop. And yeah I would take as much as I can.

People I really want to meet.
1.One Direction (English boyband)
2.Justin Bieber
3.Team starkid.
4.Miss J Alexander
5.Tyra Banks.
6.Doutzen Kroes
7. Robert Pattinson
8. Dakota and Elle Fanning.
9.The Olsen Twins (including elizabeth)
10. Tavi Gevinson ( Fashionblogger, you probably know her)

How can I describe myself:
1. I describe myself as Random. I can think really fast and I'm the individual winner of mutoda, random thinking. Which is not important to be, it was just a stupid game :)
I'm also really busy, I've always to do something and I'm almost never bored and I do not know if thats a good thing or bad thing, but I hope its a good thing. And a Belieber, I love justin Bieber and if I want my dream to come true I say: Never say Never and Dream big. ( don't take this too seriously I'm just a Bieber fan and not a hysterical one.)

Today... I've learned alot, because of my Big test of Science. About all kind of energy's. And there are so many energy-things-stuff-whatever: Potentinal energy, kinetic, Light, sound, chemical, Hydroelectic, Biomass, reneable, non-reneable and it goes on. i hope I've a good grade for my test, I did my best for it. but I had lots of other homework :S SCHOOL IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE HELP! D:
okey I'm just kidding, school is important.

So about the photograph: Just look at the title "Fashion in all Directions"
Different things of Fashion.. Colours, Hello Kitty badges :) The Hippies timeage, which is still a sort of trending, like the Flared jeans and the headbands. Anyway.. If I bought my camera I would buy a flared light-blue jeans. First a camera :)

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