Monday, June 18, 2012

Habibah Bags.

 Helloooo there! Yet another post and look at my new awesome bag by Habibah!:)
The bags are handcrafted and all unique, its made from real leather and they are really strong.

Its really big, perfect for school, very good quality and real leather. This is post it about Habibah a new brand for bags, the first collection is aired and here are some of the bags, you can order it already if you send me an email to
 This is the first one, like I said, this is mine and its definitely my favorite! Its very boho-like, its usually not really my style, but this backpack is amazing!

Wanna order this BackPack(Bag 1)? send me an email to
The price is 89,99 euros and its real leather.

 This is a very beatiful bag, its perfect for a day to the beach or for a picknik, but you can also use it for the shopping.

Wanna order this bag( Bag 2)? Send me an email to
The price is 59,99 euros (This is also real leather and some fun details)

 This is Bag 4, this is a different model and they also sell it in the color Pink. It is pretty big and very strong.

Wanna Order this bag? (Bag 3, you may chose pink or blue)
Send me an email to
The price is 69,99 (Same as the pink one)

 And this is the Disco Beach Bag, I really like this one, the colors are really happy and this is the biggest model. You can either use it for the beach and picknik and actually for everything.
The bags are easiliy to close though.

Wanna Order this bag? (Disco Beach Bag)
Send me an email to and say the name of the bag (by all of them)
The price of this one is 69,99 euros.


Lots of Love,


p.s. They will have a webshop soon, but you can already order it by me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resort Appreciation Post.

Hellooo There, the weather is being better and better, exactly when I am in my Testweek! Life sucks, no joke, I still love life, but this isn't just fair.

Today, I didn't do a lot, I studied, I'm wearing my new dress, I will make outfit pictures soon, but not today.
I went to my friend Laura's house and reorganized her room and its totally awesome!
Yesterday I went to the "Vlaardingse Loggerfestival"and I ate aaaaa lot! FOOOD IS MY LIFE, woah, that sounds like Fat and Happy yolo. Anyways, I bought a Filly surprise thing,stuff,whatever. That is for little kids, who want a pony so badly, there are 20 pony's and one Limited Edition Unicorn! And guess what?!
I HAAAVEEE THE LIMITED EDITION UNICORN!  With glow in the Dark wings, its very soft and swarovski cristals in its corn, lol. I also bought a Mintgreen dress in the H&M with a very cute belt in it and it looks perfect.

In other news, I was on again and was looking at the Resort 2013 collection, I have to say Chanel 2013 Resort is still my favorite ( Made a post about it a while ago.) It was pretty close to my favorite one, but I honeslty think that Marc Jacobs did  a great job with the Louis Vuitton collection,but also with Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs.

Stella McCartney did also a great job, but I did not really like the Tiger-print she used, so I didn't put that in my collage and yeah Valentino is always amazing. I wish I could wear Valentino.

I love the platform shoes a lt and the hats.

This is definitely resort, it really reminds me of a Resort. The colors, the flowerprint its amazing.

Just One Word: PERFECT
Lots of Love Zoë!!

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p.s.s. I replied to all my comments, also from a while ago, so if you asked me something, I probably have answered it.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Peter Pan Quoting!


Just a Random photo (this whole post is random)

Darren Criss Quoting!

Yep Orange, because I support the Netherlands 100%

Little me with Nicky

Little me again

 Just some random pictures. I found this pictures from me (the last 2) in the cupboard :) Am I cute? :p
And just 2 really simple outfits, and yeah I look terrible on those pictures.
All pictures are made by me. Just 4 days before the testweek, so I do not promise I will post so much, we will see, according to I have learned a lot already, so I have time to do some more other things.
My style is sooo extremely boring the last time. I actually just wear something when I go to school, normally I wear something really complicated,but I just have no time and really need some sleep.

Have a nice weekend Ya'll!

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p.s.s. The weather is terrible over here!

Lots of Love,


Saturday, June 9, 2012


Vintage bag's!!! I love it!

Just some random stuff

"De Fabeltjeskrant" :))))

Dewi, my best friend :)

Jeans Jacket: H&M// Trenchcoat: Bizzy//Umberella: Hema//Bag: Dutch Vogue

Mary Poppins and the Muppets! yayyy!

A lovely dress, a worse picture.

Soooo much lamps.

Look guys! This is my name! This is my name!

This is my "ugh, this is ugly" face.

Today I went to the Vintage shop with Dewi, I saw a lot of awesome stuff I wanted to buy soo badly, but I forgot my money, stupid! We made a lot of pictures! And we had so much fun! Now I'm off to watch a Soccermatch, for the European Championship, I don't even like soccer, well okay, Its the Netherlands and I need to suppord them. Have a nice weekend! Oh and yeah, next week I have my testweek, so don't expect so much posts.

Lots of :Love Zoë!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thankyou all.

I like dressing myself up, like I did when I was a little child. Doing 2 braids or tails in my hair and wear cute dresses, groing up is something you don't have to. And I'm not doing it. This is my new dress from Men At Work and I wore it today, okay I wore it with a black panty and sturdy boots to customize it a bit. But for the photo I wore knee-high socks, brogues and my new sunglasses from Primark. I love the Pastel colored glasses and the shape of it. I also thought I really need to post some more, so I will try to post everyday something or at least as much as possible. I wanna get some new followers and grow, because I'm not doing really well and I mean with that... my English needs to improve (even though school's in English) and I need to promote it, because I never promote. Its like a rollercoasters, my followers and pagevieuwers are just coming and I like the feeling when someone adds a comment and I don't even know the person. That happens actually all the time. Thankyou all for your time and scrolling through this post or other posts/pages.
Can't say how much I love you and I almost reached 10,000 pagevieuwers! If you wanna help me, I will add you on my bloglist, I'm going to make as a page.


Tumblr pictures

Picture 1: From Style Rookie (by Tavi Gevinson, I love her)
Picture 2: The amazing icon Iris Apfel and yeah I also love her.
Picture 3: Just an amazing picture, its not really my style, but I like this.
Picture 4: Elle Fanning
Picture 5: Me, Anne-Mae and Lisa and I look terrible on this picture.
Picture 6: An awesome gif.
Picture 7:The Virgin Suicides I loooove that!
Picture 8: Wendy with Fairydust from Peter Pan, I love Peter Pan so much, if you are following me on twitter, you probably has seen that already, Ive seen that movie over 20 times or something and it stays cool, cool boy, cool.

All these pictures are from my tumblr, feel free to follow me Tumblr 
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I'm thinking of doing a Give away, but I dont really know how it works with sending and everything, so if you wanna help me you can send me an email to Yes thats my new blog email, because I got a lot of emails from twitter and facebook and everything in my personal email.
Not a fun week coming up, preparing for my last testweek and my parents are going to Marocco about 2 weeks or something, so my grandma is going to babysit :)

Have a nice week!
Love Zoë