Monday, December 12, 2011

Don't take Fashion too serious

Elle Fanning for Rodarte

The Virgin Mary by Leonardo Da Vinci (Renaissance)

First of all: I love Unicorns! Unicorns are an inspiration and source for love and the amazing things in the world, they aren't just horses with a corn on its head, no they are Unicorns! The source of inpirital love, courage and hope. This sounds weird and I know they do not exist, but I'd like to watch to Unicorn television series and pictures of them. They give energy and hope. Look at the last picture, nice isn;t it.
I heard something funny; All the people who doesn't believe in Unicorn, would be murdered in 2012.
I actually don't believe in the world is ending on 21-12-2012, but I'm a bit affraid though.

Anyway, I had to work with a partner and write about a Art piece of the Renaissance time for History class.
I don't like history class, but I liked the asignement. We had chosen "The Virgin Mary of Leonardo Da Vinci" It is an oil painting, and I like the colours. I love more art pieces of the Renaissance time, but I didn't like to learn this test by heart ;) Well I have a good visiount mark and I'm okay with it.
The artpiece above the Virgin Mary is also from the Renaissance time, which also have nice colours.

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