Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anna Sui Spring 2012

Like I said Anna Sui, is one of my favorites and the Winter collection 2011. Was G-R-E-A-T.
With all that fake fur, cute dresses and doll-like stuff. I was in love with it.
I love the fabric of Anna Sui and it is totally my style. I'm gonna show some Anna Sui Spring 2012 outfits.
This was not my favorite Anna Sui runways ( that was actually Winter 2011) But that happened already a while ago, so I have to go with the Fashion.
This collection is very colousfull, happy, cute but cool though and not really much accesoires like Dolce and Gabanna but the perfect amount :) It is totally for your holiday!

Anna Sui Spring 2012
Purple my favorite colour! Nice dress, nice materials, nice outfit. Ugly glasses though.
NICE HEELS! I love the cherry(?) print.
ooh and before I forget to say this: Tomorrow it is Purple Friday!
Make sure you are gonna wear purple clothes tomorrow, for respecting gay people. This event is once a year and it is a special day for people who came out of the closet, which I really respect.
So make sure you're gonna wear PURPLE tomorrow!

Here we go! The maxi dress(trousers?) with some glans on the heels and the perfect colour combination: Grey, black, glans and fake fur, which I really love by Anna Sui.
The jumpsuit makes the model look really tall and makes her figure beatiful.

lovely dress, nice print and the panty under it matches perfectly. The heels is something what I want. I want that heels, the make-up: Red nails with hot red lips. Really cool.

This is my favorite one with the hearts print. I love hearts! it is a sign of love and especially with some red in it, it makes the look completed. The red heels with the heart-printed socks in it are totally awesome.
And off course hot red nails and lips. Next time I want to see this look without a colbert, the colbert makes the look like a child, who painted on the colbert and makes it look cheap. So without colbert please :)

This outfit is perfect, I mean the red colours makes it Spring. The red nails and the red lips.
And about the dress, it makes the taille of the model very nice, with the shiny heart print and the retro print of the dress. The model looks really tall and the shoes with those socks with hearts are cool too.

                                           This is a totally different outfit than the others, but I think it is better, then structure of the clothes and thee colours. I think it is a bit scandinavian look, a bit :) The coat is something I want to have in my garderobe and the stripes are cool.

Yeah! This is a totally Spring look! for the holidays, the retro print is reallllllyyyy lovely and the shoe- colours are cool though.

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xoxo Zoë

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