Monday, April 2, 2012

Excited week!

Normally I'm not really happy on a Monday, its the first day of the schoolweek, that means the first day of a boring week and I have to make it more excited. Anyways. This week is already excited!! Tonight I'm going to my very first concert, I'm going to Hot Chelle Rae!! And I'm so extremely nervous and excited. The rest of the week I guess I'm having an aftershock of the awesomeness I'm going to see and on Wednesday its my grandpa's birthday and on Thursday I'm going on a schooltrip to a funpark in Belgium! Woooohooo! Friday I'm a day off and we are maybe going to Schiermonikoog a Dutch Island, but it depends on the weather.

This weekend was just a relax weekend, I intervieuwed Zoë from Fashionymous, the intervieuw will be publishes next week I guess. And I made some cute bowties, made a bag and I learned knitting :)

What are you going to do this week?

Lots of love Zoë x


  1. Hot Chelle Rae is amazing! Love that band!

    I hope you will have fun!!

    xx Romy


Thanyou so much for your comment! Love you!