Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Best Day Of My Life

Hi there, just a little update without an outfit. Yesterday was probably the best day of my life! I went to the best band of the world (in my opinion) called Hot Chelle Rae, like I've said earlier. The concert was amazing! They were really really good and we ( Dutch fans) had a big surprise, when they song the song Keep You With Me we all showed some hearts and they were really happy! It was my very first concert and it couldn't be better!

On the end of the concert, a lot of people were already leaving, and when I left, I spotted them outside! I had a little talk with them, got an autograph, just some laughing and questions and hugged them several times. They were so kind and had all the time to talk with their fans. I'm so so so so happy. This is what I wanted to tell you guys, the rest is a bit too personal hahaha :)

xoxo Zoë

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