Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hi guys, yesterday I made my first DIY. Well already knew how to make it, but I wanted to post it on my blog. So this is what we are going to make, a little dotted bowtie. I bought this cute peter pan collar shirt at the H&M Friday ( kids collection) and wanted to make a matchy bow. So I hope you guys like it!
This is what you need: Needles, wire, scissors, wide lind and a small piece of lind.
 First find the middle of the wide lind and put both ends to the middle, just like on the picture. Grap a piece of wire and do it in the lind, so it stays together, do it again, so it won't fall apart.
 Now, you have done this. Do this till you are by the end. So, go up and down, its very simple.
 When you are by the end, wrap the rest of the wire around the bow, so it get its shape.
 Now grap the little piece of lind and wrap it around and glue or stitch it.
 Now your bow is finished! TAADAAAAA the end result! Cute isn't it? :)
 I hope ya'll liked my bow tutorial, about 2 days I probably will post the interview with Veronique from A Touch Of Fashion, so stay tuned!

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  1. The bow looks very cute. Good job :) Have a nice day darling!

    With love, Milena xx


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