Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One step into my silly life.

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 I'm going to show my weekend/week in pictures! There are also some pictures from last week, so the Vogue and Elle things are old and I'm a little bit late with it, but I'm still proud of our Dutch Vogue!

So, as you can see this is the Dutch Vogue and Elle. It was available on Thurday 22 March and I was so happy, that I bought it very early in the morning BEFORE I went to school :)

This weekend was the weather beatiful and I made some nature pictures in Friesland.

 I also made some failed outfitpictures near my house, there's a great graffiti wall! The jeans is from Supertrash, the shirt is new and from the fiftysix and this real leather jacket is couture and vintage :) (shoes, converse)
 And I went with the boat with dad and Noah, at my uncles house, its his boat! haha :D

Lucky me! I got this vintage Louis Vuitton wall-e! And I'm sooo happy ! It looks great!
And now I'm learning for my history test, and jup a you can see its in English, because I'm doing TTO.

Lots of Love,


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  1. YES! Ik houd echt van de allereerst Vogue! Super!

    Leuke post! Zullen we elkaar volgen? Ik volg je nu al ;)

    xx Romy


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