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Interview with Veronique from A Touch Of Fashion


A little while ago I interviewed Veronique from A touch of fashion. She writes about fashion and about her life. She is only 14 years old and has already a great sense for fashion. Her style is variable, sometimes girly but also sturdy. Read her interview here!

What do you think what makes your blog and your style different from others?
My style represents me. I only wear things I really like and not "because all the others wear it too". I love to find out new clothes and styles but I always give it a personal twist. Sometimes I get negative, common critic on my clothes but I do not listen to that kind of people. Clothes that has been criticized, I still wear! I just love to be different than others and I hope my style presents that. When someone says "but what will others think of you!" I always answer with "that doesn't matter to me." Fashion inspires me and I work hard to give it my own twist and I actually think that that is already a difference. 

How do you describe your style?

Hmm - maybe I'm between girly and tough. I love to wear summerdresses with wedges, there's no party I'm going to without a dress and a pair of wedges. But on the other side, I love to wear my sturdy black shoes with laces and furs. I also have an awesome leather black pants. But I also love shorts and jumpsuits... and nerdy and classic... I especially love to mix everything - maybe I'm a fashonista of everything. I'm still founding out my own style. It could just be that I'm saying something else in five years. 

What kind of things inspirate you, and where does this happen? (school, streetstyle whatever..)
A lot of things inspires me. My sister (, other bloggers, people on the street, my friends, lookbookers, magazines, photos: to name a few. I get a lot of inspiration from my favorite bloggers. Lookbook is an amazing site to get inspiration from the most beautiful people on earth. It's become a kind of a hobby to me to look at people in the bus. They are all so different and I am also wondering what life they have, where they've been through and how they become so classic. If it were up to me: I would ask all those bus-people how they would describe their style. That would be an awesome way to get more inspiration and learn more about different styles.

What do you think of the streetstyle of Holland?
Holland isn't the most fashionable country, unfortunately. But with what we have: we're doing it quite good!! The fashionistas among us in Holland are fashionable and classic, beautiful. But I really annoy me to those people who always wear what others wear. Adidas, Uggs... to name a few. I mean: 'cause of all those people who wear Uggs on the moment, the people who really like Uggs 'cause on what they are and not because everybody wants them, aren't recognize anymore. They look like they're the hundred one that joins the rest, while they actually wear them because Uggs represents their style. It's a shame. Besides that, I like our streetstyle. As I said, I love to watch to those Dutchies - loving their own style and radiating that. Very confidence, I love that!

With her sister (She also has a great style!)

Do you change your style sometimes?
It isn't an issue of changing something: it's more that your style stays the same and that it develops itself. Invent a new outfit doesn't mean a whole new style! That would be nonsense. Of course, my style is different than it was five years ago. But it's more that my style was growing and it still is. When you're getting older, you mostly like something else. Maybe you have a nerdy phase or something, but from all these phases arises your own style. To this question I would say no, I actually keep it safe with me and working on it every moment of the day. 

What kind of things made really an impact on you? ( Like a city, or a fashionshow, blog)
Hmmm difficult! I think London. The most amazing city I've been too (for elucidation: I never been in America or even outside Europe). This vacation is going to be the third time and I love that city! It's beautiful, clean and you're really walking in to the arms of fashion. Besides that, spontaneous, happy people always make an impress on me. Not a really great impact, but such people you keep remembering. It's also great to met famous people: like I met the Dutch Martijn Lakemeier and footballer Ibrahim Afellay. 

What are you doing in your free time?
My hobbies are blogging, ofcourse, reading, shopping, doing photoshoots and chilling with my friends. I read all the time - I love to devour every book. I also read Harry Potter in English now and I have to say: it's even better in English! I love to shop... need I say more? My friends are very important to me. I love to spend time with them. You really have to cherish them. 

Which bloggers are inspirations for you? (link)
My sister from Rockslita, Jennie from Jenniefromtheblog, Roos from Lace and Pearls, Marloes from The Style Sandwich, Nanne from Fashiable, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and Jenny from Neon Blush 

What is the coolest thing you have reached with your blog?
The fact that I, thanks to my blog, become more interested in fashion and invented that I love it! The opportunity to be a Blogger Model for Kenzaa for two times now See all those blogs and bloggers and reading those posts, which I love to do! The awesome bloggermails, tweets and comments for help and questions - checking my mail is become my daily work - and the way I can help them. The opportunity to get an interview on Girlscene and write reviews sometimes. Another cool thing is that I invented I love to hold photoshoots and make photos. I also got my proud Canon EOS 1000D. I actually think that showing my own style on my blog is the coolest thing I have reached.
Dress to impress or less is more? (why)
I think... dress to impress. Impressing, showing, your style is fun! You'll radiate a lot of confidence. Of course, there's something true in less is more - but dress to impress is really letting yourself go: and that's the the point of fashion, right? Showing and impressing - letting yourself go: be you. Not holding back - style is more than just a hobby.  

Streetstyle or Catwalkstyle? (why)
Streetstyle, definitly. Catwalkstyle is beautiful and really inspiring, but sometimes it's just too much. Catwalkstyle is from a designer and models wear what he wants. I love to see how people develop their style and how that is standing by their face and body. It's not all about the trends but more about what you want to wear, that you don't care about anyone. I love that attitude. I love the street!

Fashionshow or watching on fashionblogs?
Hmm difficult. I think watching on fashionblogs. Maybe you can connect this with the question above. Streetstyle... fashionblogs... if you doing it right, what you wear on the street is also what you show on your fashionblog. And than I would choose for the second one. Fashionblogs also have something personal. That makes it more interesting! But I wouldn't say no to a wideworld fashionshow!!

Do you have any tips for me and my readers to get as big as our blog? ( 
Have fun in what you're doing and enjoy every minute of it. Quality before quantity: work on your posts and blog. Working on your posts is more important than posting every day four posts. If you make beautiful, clean, well content posts, it doesn't matter if you don't post a whole week. Comment on blogs of others, because than your blog will be noted. Ignore people with common reactions and post what you want and not what they want. Try to be original, do not go aping other blogs. A blog is most of the time a hobby - so don't make it too difficult!!


  1. I like these interviews on your blog, it's really ineteresting and for sure it's something new. :) She is only 14 wow, she's very beautiful girl. :)
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    With love, Milena xx

    1. Thans Milena, thankyou for your support! Try to do as Much as I can do.


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