Friday, February 3, 2012

Message from Zoë.

Hello guys, Its been a while ago I posted something, its because of my busy week.
What did I do this week? Well, learning for school because I had to do some tests, I watched Glee and I listened almost all the time Hot Chelle Rae.
In other news, I have a Camera! Its a Nickon Coolpix 880. Yaaaay, It used to be grandpa's but he bought a new one so I got this one. He's pretty old and thick, but is makes very good images and I'm very happy with it.
So be prepared, 'cause my blog will get a different style I guess.
In other other news :) We got the parts for West Side Story and I'm playing Rosa, a member of the Sharks. To be honest I didn't recognize her in the movie or musical but I;m really really happy with my part! Today we are gonna rehearse again and tonight I've a sleepover with some friends!
I'll post something this weekend.

Love Zoë

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