Friday, February 17, 2012

Interieuw with Jessie from Far Out Of Fashion

Well, here's my intervieuw with Jessie from Far Out Of Fashion I hope you guys like it! enjoy!

 How do you describe yourself?
A 14 year old who was born in the wrong decade.

How do you desribe your blog?
When I first started it was mostly about fashion,but now it's also a mix of things that I like,which can be interesting.

What do you want to reach with your blog for you and your readers?
I would just love more people to see and enjoy it!

What is your style like?
I like to try and reflect the things I like in my style,but at the same time I try to be different,as I like to have a different approach to dressing as other people.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Everywhere!Music,films,TV,books,it's all there.

6Who is your favorite designer?
Christopher Kane is a flawless designer.I was first attracted by the nebula collection,which is still one of my favourites to date,but everything he designs just has something about them which makes them so beautiful and graceful.Meadham Kirchhoff is also another favourite.

What is the most important thing about fashion for you?
Probably personal style,I think everyone should dress like they mean it,if that makes sense.

What is your bedroom like?
Small.Well it's really small,but I'm getting my new,bigger room decorated at the moment,and I can't wait!My current room is cramped with cool stuff/junk,and there's lots of pictures on every wall.My favourite is my 'wall of Le Bon' which has several pictures of Simon Le Bon,but there's also lots of Duran Duran and David Bowie.I also think my record player takes up most of my bedroom,it's one of those stereo ones with a tape deck and everything,but it's one of my favourite things.

What is your wardrobe like? 
I have three sections-the left part is nice stuff,like my camel coat and tweed jacket (ok it's more of my coat section),the middle is stuff I hate/things that are to small/things I've never worn,and the right part is my favourite stuff,and new things.

What do you want to be when you're older?
When I'm older I'd like to be an editor of some sort,or if not take up fashion blogging as a career.Or travel with Duran Duran.

 What are one of your favorite blogs?
At the moment I'm loving A Beautiful Mess,quality stuff!

Do you have a message what you wanna say to everyone who reads this interview?
Thanks for reading,I hope you've enjoyed!

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