Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi there, I haven't posted for a while. I was so extremely busy, so much difficult tests on school. I made outfit pictures, so I was about to post it, but for some reasons it didn't work. I'm reallyyy bad with computers, I'm even worser than a grandma, so maybe I did something wrong, but I really don't know what. So I'm trying to fix it as soon as possible. I promise you! There will be an outfitpost!! If I fixed it -______-

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012

I'm upset, I just wanted to do all these posts, but it just doesn't work. arghhhh!  Well my birthday is about 8 days! Yaaaaaay.  and I have an upcoming surprise for you guys! An upcoming interieuw with  Jessie from Far Out Of Fashion! Hope you are gonna like it! Stay tuned for:
-My upcoming outfitposts
- my birthday!!
- And the interieuw with Jessie!

Love ya! x Zoë

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