Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Elle Fanning's Lovely Style.

Elle Fanning has a great style! and she is one of my biggest Style Icons! Not because she has the same age as me, I really like her style and its a bit like mine, so I wanted to share those outfits with you. It can be you see some outfits more than once, but I just wanted to be sure that I got lots of outfits. I didn't share everything, other ways It'll be a very long post. There will be a part 2 soon I guess!


  1. Ze heeft wel een schattige stijl!
    Zullen we elkaar volgen? Ik hoor het wel!

    xo Tara Mae

  2. So pretty! We love her sense of style!

    ox from NYC,


  3. She as an amazing style. Love the white dress in the top middle, and all of the plack pieces. Heck, I love of the outfits. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  4. She's so cute!

  5. Tagged you! x

  6. Thank you for the kinds comments,and of course you can!My e-mail is on my blog x


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