Monday, February 27, 2012

Follow me with bloglovin

He ya! I decided to make a bloglovin account, which can be really handy and everything, so here it is. Like I said before I'm not really good with computers and new website's so I need to find it out a bit. I was struggling with how to add a blog, but it took me 2 hours or something, but I have a bloglovin account! Click here for my bloglovin account!

It was about time, I'm really busy this week, today I went shopping and I bought a polkadot panty, I'll share it soon. I won't post something before saturday, wednesday I will celebrate my birthday again and on saturday I have a high tea in hotel new york. If I have time, I will make a video with questions on Sunday.. I won't promise it, then I can show my silly Dutch accent :p and show some other things. I hope you are going to follow me with bloglovin! Well, at least I hope so :)

xo Zoë

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