Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Trends.

 I want to share some of the trends in 2012, partially Spring-Summer 2012 collection or Spring 2012, but I also looked some things up from previous collections. Enjoy!

 Retro Round 80 Glasses

                       Daphne Groeneveld    Carven Spring/Summer 2012   Viktor&Rolf Spring 2012.

This is one of my favorites trends, not only because I like sunglasses and glasses a lot, it just makes your outfit complete. And it makes you a sort of unique. The Retro Round 80 Glasses are spotted on the Runway by Carven, Viktor and Rolf, Erdem, Dries van Noten and some other collections. I haven't got a retro round 80 glasses *ashamed* so I'm definitely gonna buy it! I'm sunglasses addicted I have about 14 sunglasses :)

Pastel Colours


Louis Vuitton


Even though, bride colours are a trend a well. Even do pastel colours. You all noticed the Chanel Spring Summer collection 2012 with all those beatiful Pastel Colours, especially the Blue ones and the Pink ones. They were also spotted by Valentino, with a sort of  lace print (See third picture pastel colours.) And the Louis Vuitton caroussel runway (That one was great!)

The Wristlet

A Wristlet is a clutch-like-bag, its actually pretty useful and not that big, they are also Fashionable and lucky you! They are a trend! The wristlets on the picture above are from the Jil Sander, but they were also spotted this season by Loewe, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger.

Mix and Miss-Match

This trend looks a bit like colour blocking, but then it is printblocking. This trend is nice, for people who want to stand and like Versace and the designs of Vivienne Westwood and other people. I'd like to look at it and enjoy it, but I'd rather wear color-blocking. Honestly.. the middlest outfit of the second picture I'd like the most, because its combined with a simple basic white shirt, so it doesn't look that extremely. The first picture is Miu Miu and the second is from Peter Som Spring 2012 collection.


They are really comfortable, make your outfit complete and are spotted on so many runways!
Everyone should have one in their wardrobe. Gucci, Guess, Supertrash, Zara and a lot more like them!! As do I!

 Fashion Week Seasons
Amsterdam Fashion Week: January 25-29
New York Fashion Week: February 9-16
London Fashion Week:February 17-21
Paris Fashion Week: February 28- March 8th.

I hope you all love these trends, I really do!
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  1. Great selection of the trends! I especially love the glasses, I hadn't really noticed that the round glasses had been featured in several runway shows!

  2. inspiring post!!


  3. Pastels are indeed going to be an amazing trend.
    I'm already looking forward to it :). Nice collage btw.

    X, Sarah

  4. Love your trend overview! I'm still waiting/hoping on a miu miu shoe sponsercontract! (pretty please ) xx


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