Saturday, February 4, 2012


Like I said, my camera is pretty old and used to be grandpa's so the images aren't that sharp, but enough to live with it. Its snowing in February here! And its a miracle! Last year in February it was really warm and in March it was even hotter than the summer, weird weather. Anyway I like snow, but on the other side it can be annoying. I'd love to read magazines, so I thought; Let's share my magazine! and the kind of magazines I read. The first 2 pictures are the Hitkrant a Dutch Magazine and the rest is of Fashionista also a Dutch magazine, I like them both they're really different. I also read Vogue, Grazia, Elle Magazine, CosomoGirl! and just some random magazines and online magazines like RookieMag.
One day I'll start my own magazine and share my fantasy and fashion with the world.

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