Saturday, January 21, 2012


A while ago, I said I was going to do a Q&A in January. And here it is! I've chosen some random question. The rest I answered on twitter or via email.

What is your favorite collection?
I have to say my favorite collection is Rodarte Spring 2012. I love the colours and the prints and the inspiration from Vincent van Gogh. and the funniest thing is Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch painter, so thats cool. I love the dresses, jumpsuits and the whole collection. Very delightful! Its definetly my favorite collection of all time!

Rodarte Spring 2012

Can you tell something about yourself?
Yeah sure, I'm Zoë, I'm 13 years old. About 36 days not anymore ;)
I like to talk and act and buying clothes. My favorite Designer is Marc Jacobs, he's very famous and I love his ideas and everything. Further.. I love musicals, Starkid, Hot Chelle Rae, different kinds of music, Glee, One Direction ,Justin Bieber and some unknown artists. I can watch Fashion Tv all day long and I'm not really fast bored. I'm from the Netherlands and not a native English speaker, but you'd probably noticed that already.

How do you describe your style?
I'd like to look at preppy looks, 80's and very original looks on other blogs and fashion shows. Its not something I would wear to school or something, but if I got the chance I'd do it. Its just that it isn't really comfortable. I like to try new things and trends, but I don't like too much! Like a whole animal printed dress. Maybe just some accesoires. I also like pastel colours, jumpsuits and pink and white.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Mostly from Fashion Tv. They're showing some famous but also a bit unknown collections. Other Fashion blogs and just from searching on google. And off course Fashion Magazines like Grazia, Vogue and Elle Magazine. I'd like to see some new Fashion blogs: so you may put a link to your blog or another nice blog by comments. I always visit it and if I like it. I'll follow you/it.

What is your favorite shop?
I really like H&M, because they have different kind of things each season, but Zara is one of my favorites. We don't have it in the place where I live, so if I go to another city I always visit the Zara. The Primark is also a nice shop and I like River Island, The Sting (sometimes), Vera Moda and Men At Work. Sometimes

I hope you guys, know some more things about me. I've also some Questions for you. I hope you'll answer it!

Question 1: How do you put a link to another blog on my blog? (I'm not really good with computer Iguess.

Question 2: I'd like to intervieuw some others and put it on my blog. So if you want to be intervieuwed by me: Leave a comment :)

Thankyou very much for visiting my blog!

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