Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012.

These dresses and styling and actually everything reminds me for some reasons of the Masked Ball. Its beatiful though, so much details and it looks stunning.

I do love those dresses, but I think I'm in love with those shoes of outfit 1. Outfit 2 and 3 looks a bit like Spiderwoman (if that exists,I'd rather call it spiderman, but those aren't men.) It looks dangerous..woooo.

What was the most impressing thing? the second outfit!!! I looked at this collection and the very first thing I saw was that dress. whoa. Its very nice, I guess. I don't know, maybe it looks nice because it looks like a queen, an orange ice queen. But very much details and a lot of work!

Nice shoes, kinda simple in a way, but in another way its very original.

Yes! Those shoes! This is what I love, wow stunning, totally awesome, flawless, beatiful, pretty and all other positive words.

These are simple but stunning as well. I love the gold details, it makes it look like an egyptian Farao.
So this is what I think of the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012 collection, I'm a bit late with it. But yeah here's my opinion. It was actually a long time ago, I shared my opinion of a collection. But here it is again! Thank ya'll for the kind words, comments, tweets and emails. By the way, my twitter got hacked.. GEEZ, thats absurd. I don't know what their problem is and I lost all my followers so I made a new account @mevrouwZoe I'll follow you back.

So for those who wants to know about my life.. yes I went to ballet class. It was pretty cool, I joined the class and I had no experience at all. But it went kinda good. I need to go again with a group with older people, though.. I have no idea why, but I'll try it. I also went to school again on Tuesday. It was nice.. well thats not the good word.. to be back. I'd rather have holidays, but its nice to see my friends again.
Hope ya'll enjoyed your schoolweek (I doubt...)


  1. Ballet classes..WOW
    Very nice pics. reminded me of spring .:)
    following u now


Thanyou so much for your comment! Love you!