Sunday, January 8, 2012


Pixie Lott ( Loafers, by Marc by Marc Jacobs.)

Elle Fanning ( Penny Loafers, she wears them with socks.)

Elle Fanning's fabulous 80's style (Same loafers)

Elle Fanning (Everything by Marc by Marc Jacobs except the bag.)

by Monki.
      My school break is almost over, and unfortuantely I have to go back to school on tuesday. Yeah right on tuesday, because on my Monday I have an extra day off. Anyway.. I'm really really nervous! Tomorrow is my first ballet class. And it is a bad-nervous feeling, I guess. I totally have no ballet experience and I'm in a class with people WITH experience, so it is a kind of scared-of-going-to-fail-nervous-feeling.

Why all these pictures of preppy and loafers? Because I like this! And I'm gonna buy loafers, sometime. If I can find them, they are on my wishlist. Singer Pixie Lott wears loafers a lot and I like it! I don't like her style, well sometimes I do. But I do like Elle Fanning's style, she wears loafers either. I like her dresses, jumpsuits and 80's skirts a lot. I can't wear them now.. because its winter! I don't like winter, I like the spring the most, then you can wear long jeans, skirts, short jeans. Whatever, you probably know what I mean.


  1. loafers are nice.
    and good luck with the ballet class!
    shall we follow each other?

  2. goodluck with your ballet classn
    after read your post, i think i need loafers too
    new follower here

    hope we can follow each other


  3. Erg mooi inspi girl! Vond je blog via via.. ga er zeker vaker op kijken.. Kan je nu niet volgen op een of andere manier heel apart.. hoop dat je ook een kijkje neemt op mijn blog.. X

    1. Dankje, ik kende je blog al, echt superleuk en je post lekker veel :)

  4. elle fanning is precious. love that girl!

    your blog is so cool!!
    come visit us at:!
    we'd love to hear from you :]

    xo, camilla & valerie

    1. Thankyou and I agree with you, I will visit your blog. x

  5. Hi love this post, if you check out my blog, you'll soon see that I love Pixie Lott!!

    Hope we can follow each other :)


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