Friday, January 6, 2012

West Side Story.

You probably all know West Side Story!
A famous musical from I think 1960 or something. It is a bit like Romeo and Juliët with a lot of dancing. They also made a movie in 1967 (?) I'm not sure about the years...
Ive seen it and its amazing! The dancers and everything.
The story is about a forbidden-romance between Tony and Maria, they both belong to 2 different street gangs, who are fighting for the streets in New York. I totally love musicals and especially West Side Story ( and off course The Wiz of Oz, Beauty and the Beast and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying ( Now on Broadway Darren Criss, replacing Daniel Radcliffe at the moment, after this Nick Jonas will replace Darren Criss)) Anyways, I'm in a sort of group at school and we are doing musicals each year. I'm in the second grade so this will be our (me) musical. Last year we did We Will Rock You and this year we are going to do West Side Story. I'm very excited and upcoming Friday we will get the parts. I won't expect a big part, I guess. I think I'll get a small one, because older people are joining it so they will get the big parts. But about a few years I'm bigger as well :-) :-)

But to say it in a short way: I do love musicals a lot. I love Starkid Musicals the most, but I'm also a Broadway-fan (in secret :D) nobody knows. Okay now they know. Anyway, I hope you like musicals either, maybe we can share our thoughts.

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xoxo Zoë

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