Saturday, June 9, 2012


Vintage bag's!!! I love it!

Just some random stuff

"De Fabeltjeskrant" :))))

Dewi, my best friend :)

Jeans Jacket: H&M// Trenchcoat: Bizzy//Umberella: Hema//Bag: Dutch Vogue

Mary Poppins and the Muppets! yayyy!

A lovely dress, a worse picture.

Soooo much lamps.

Look guys! This is my name! This is my name!

This is my "ugh, this is ugly" face.

Today I went to the Vintage shop with Dewi, I saw a lot of awesome stuff I wanted to buy soo badly, but I forgot my money, stupid! We made a lot of pictures! And we had so much fun! Now I'm off to watch a Soccermatch, for the European Championship, I don't even like soccer, well okay, Its the Netherlands and I need to suppord them. Have a nice weekend! Oh and yeah, next week I have my testweek, so don't expect so much posts.

Lots of :Love Zoë!


  1. lovely post! looks like a great shop and you look soo pretty in that dress! that's funny my family are obsessed with soccer! we watched that match on the tv.

    1. Thankyou so much! My family also love it, its great to watch it with friends, but I don't know the rules :) I will see it when they score :)

  2. You looked amazing in this dress! :)
    With love, Milena xx


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