Monday, June 11, 2012


Peter Pan Quoting!


Just a Random photo (this whole post is random)

Darren Criss Quoting!

Yep Orange, because I support the Netherlands 100%

Little me with Nicky

Little me again

 Just some random pictures. I found this pictures from me (the last 2) in the cupboard :) Am I cute? :p
And just 2 really simple outfits, and yeah I look terrible on those pictures.
All pictures are made by me. Just 4 days before the testweek, so I do not promise I will post so much, we will see, according to I have learned a lot already, so I have time to do some more other things.
My style is sooo extremely boring the last time. I actually just wear something when I go to school, normally I wear something really complicated,but I just have no time and really need some sleep.

Have a nice weekend Ya'll!

p.s. Could you please follow me on Google Friend Connect, I probably will do a Give away (my first one) when I reached 50 followers!
p.s.s. The weather is terrible over here!

Lots of Love,


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