Monday, June 4, 2012

Tumblr pictures

Picture 1: From Style Rookie (by Tavi Gevinson, I love her)
Picture 2: The amazing icon Iris Apfel and yeah I also love her.
Picture 3: Just an amazing picture, its not really my style, but I like this.
Picture 4: Elle Fanning
Picture 5: Me, Anne-Mae and Lisa and I look terrible on this picture.
Picture 6: An awesome gif.
Picture 7:The Virgin Suicides I loooove that!
Picture 8: Wendy with Fairydust from Peter Pan, I love Peter Pan so much, if you are following me on twitter, you probably has seen that already, Ive seen that movie over 20 times or something and it stays cool, cool boy, cool.

All these pictures are from my tumblr, feel free to follow me Tumblr 
and Google Friend Connect! (I can't put them next to each other for some reasons...)

I'm thinking of doing a Give away, but I dont really know how it works with sending and everything, so if you wanna help me you can send me an email to Yes thats my new blog email, because I got a lot of emails from twitter and facebook and everything in my personal email.
Not a fun week coming up, preparing for my last testweek and my parents are going to Marocco about 2 weeks or something, so my grandma is going to babysit :)

Have a nice week!
Love Zoë

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