Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resort Appreciation Post.

Hellooo There, the weather is being better and better, exactly when I am in my Testweek! Life sucks, no joke, I still love life, but this isn't just fair.

Today, I didn't do a lot, I studied, I'm wearing my new dress, I will make outfit pictures soon, but not today.
I went to my friend Laura's house and reorganized her room and its totally awesome!
Yesterday I went to the "Vlaardingse Loggerfestival"and I ate aaaaa lot! FOOOD IS MY LIFE, woah, that sounds like Fat and Happy yolo. Anyways, I bought a Filly surprise thing,stuff,whatever. That is for little kids, who want a pony so badly, there are 20 pony's and one Limited Edition Unicorn! And guess what?!
I HAAAVEEE THE LIMITED EDITION UNICORN!  With glow in the Dark wings, its very soft and swarovski cristals in its corn, lol. I also bought a Mintgreen dress in the H&M with a very cute belt in it and it looks perfect.

In other news, I was on again and was looking at the Resort 2013 collection, I have to say Chanel 2013 Resort is still my favorite ( Made a post about it a while ago.) It was pretty close to my favorite one, but I honeslty think that Marc Jacobs did  a great job with the Louis Vuitton collection,but also with Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs.

Stella McCartney did also a great job, but I did not really like the Tiger-print she used, so I didn't put that in my collage and yeah Valentino is always amazing. I wish I could wear Valentino.

I love the platform shoes a lt and the hats.

This is definitely resort, it really reminds me of a Resort. The colors, the flowerprint its amazing.

Just One Word: PERFECT
Lots of Love Zoë!!

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  1. @Tian Thankyou me too, I can't believe they can make dresses sooo beatiful and I always love their details!


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