Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick Relax Outfit.

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Blazer: H&M//Shirt: Mason Scotch//Jeans:Unknown//Shoes:Diesel//Belt: Unknown
 I call this my relax outfit! Ha! I did actually nothing today, it was a relax day, except learning. Bleh, tomorrow school, my holiday is over. Normally I don't wear things like this, my style is quiet girly, but I was lazy today :)

Thanks, for the reaction on my vlog! Eveyone thought my accent was cute, well I'm learning on my English so it'll be better soon :) Also, I had a High Tea yesterday in Hotel New York and it was amazingly delicous, they had cupcakes and little chocolate decorations and all different flavours of tea, I really enjoyed it, unfortuantely I didn't make pictures.

Byee xoxo Zoë

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  1. Thank you for comment and help. :)
    Like your blog too and you have amazing hair! :')
    Yep, I followed you. :)
    Have a nice week dear.
    With love Milena xx


Thanyou so much for your comment! Love you!