Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Alive!!!

Picture 1 is a dress from a shop, I borrowed it of my friend Dewi.
And Yep! I'm still alive, I had problems with uploading pictures, was and still am really really busy with school and other things and I'm enjoying the lovely weather! Just a summary what happened the past few days in my life.

I went to Sneek and bought a new shirt and went shopping, later we went with the boat with some friends and it was really fun, My stitchingmachine was broken, while I was making something really awesome and I need to fix it so I can't make it now, also my sketchbook was wet so all my designs are gone. And There'll be a "bloghelper" soon, because I want to post more. Her name is Anne-Mae and she'll help me with photo's and the rest :D I hope you'll gonna like it. Maybe an intervieuw with her!
So now, I'm going to learn for my German, Geography and History test, ughhh.

Byeee! Love ya! x Zoë

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