Monday, May 7, 2012

Fall Winter 2012/13 looks


  I was looking on like usual and I saw some collections for the 1000th time, I thought I made a post of it, but then I realised I DIDN'T! So here are some outfits I've chosen. My opinion is under it, I hope you like it!
Meadhamm Kirchoff
I really ike classy or simple, but I also like things like Meadhamm
Kirchoff and Vivienne Westood, and o geez I need
this sweater! I love it! Its so happy, bright and funny!

Anna Sui
I love this, the colours fo the top reminds me of a peacock.
That is also a wonderful animal though. Its very fall-like.
The fur makes it more downtown.

Antonia Marras
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Antonia Marras, but this collection is so so so stunning. I lobe the fabric they used, the coat and the simple shoes that match perfect with the outfit.

I'm so glad that Laura and Kate Mulleavy decided to
become fashion designers, because I haven't experienced yet
that I said: Ugh, I don't like this Rodarte collection.
I always do, especially this dress!

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs is genius, we probably all know that!
This outfit is so simple, but its just amazing!
This guy is a wizard or something, I want this coat!
And I need those shoes!

Marc Jacobs
More, more and more Marc Jacobs! I like Marc Jacobs more than Marc by Marc Jacobs and Lindsey Wixson is a great model!
I recognized her immediately, because of her lips :) I like the colours together and the shoes.

Vivienne Westwood
Oh Vievienne, I wish you was my grandma!
You are so creative and I lve your designs!
Just like this one, I like pink cloth, it makes the look

I need... wel actually I want this coat and the shoes. period.
Dries van Noten
The coat is really something I would wear, it looks a little bit like my new coat from the Monki, but this coat is even better! I also like the pants and shoes.

What is your favorite collection?

xoxo Zoë


  1. Wat een apparte collectie!
    wel erg leukxx

    1. Dit zijn verschillende collecties :) dankje x

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