Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tartan look.

The Tartan is a sort of print with blocks, it is from Scotland and really populair. Its traditinal. Later in the years the Tartan spread all over the world and were used in accesoires, clothing, books and other stuff.
The Tartan is back in Fashion Baby!
Check out the newest Tartan looks.

This is a bit Halloween-like, but the dress is cute though. It matches perfect with the shoes!
The hair fits to the outfit, but the spiderweb (?)

Here we go! The fishbraid, it matches perfect with the long tartan skirt.It is a a little bit myterious, but I like it. Next time I think they should wear High glans heels.

Emma Watson looks really cool in this dress! With the leather jacket on it and the hair, and the basic heels, Well done Emma. Aww Rihanna looks cute and cool at the same time. It is a really cute dress, the panty with holes in it, and the sturdy shoes with a bit plateau sool. And the hair is really cute, but the bandana makes it more Rihanna.
This is one of my favorite ones! It is a real winter-look and the colours are matching very nicely.
With a little bit fur it indegrated. High boots and straight hair.

Yeah, the grandma-look I have nothing to say more.

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