Saturday, November 19, 2011

H&M Versace

The H&M for Versace collection finally aired!, but the rush yesterday that Donatella Versace's collection for H & M did,apparently also had an economic purpose. Immediately emerged: thefirst garments on the 'Belgian' on eBay, at dizzying rates. Thus, thestarting bid for a Versace dress 99 euros nearly double: 180 euro.

pursuit of profit
Not everyone is looking for an original garment for themselves, or not toadorn the body with it. Some saw their chance, whether or notsignificant, to make a profit with the loot. Even before the Versacecollection for H & M was in stores, have already been asked exorbitant prices on the popular auction site eBay. After the assault on the Belgianbranch yesterday, diving is only more pieces on, also hoped to at leastmultiples of the original price. 

Find out, what you think about H&M for Versace:

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