Thursday, September 13, 2012

Style Inspiration.

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013. I love the shoes, they are simple but effective and the coat is such a natural beauty.
Elie Tahari Resort 2013. I love the coralorange color of the dress. I've been obsessed with this color a lot lately and this kind of dresses. I love it, it's very straighforward, but the daisy's make it complete.

Ralph Lauren Resort 2013. I adore the preppy look and Ralph Lauren couldn't be a better example for the preppy look!

Rodarte Resort 2013. Laura and Kate Mulleavy always make like such perfect shaped dresses in my opinion, just like those shoes and this dress.

 As you guys all probably know, I really like Glee and musicals. I've been obsessed with the style of Tina Cohen-Chang ( Jenna Ushkowitz.) a lot lately. Since Tina changed her goth style to a whole different style, I love it. All of her dresses are really adorable. Here are some of her dresses. It reminds me of a bit prep in a childish, positive way. She wears knee-high socks and stockings or panty's a lot. And usually with bright docter Martens or just black under it.

I'm sorry for the lack of Runway pictures, I prepared a lot more, but in some way blogger won't upload it. So stay tuned for another post and style inspiration! See ya! x Zoë.

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