Wednesday, November 30, 2011

D&G Spring 2012

So I just watched the Catwalkshow of Dolce and Gabanna Spring 2012. It was a totally different show than Marc Jacobs. It is more spring-like I think. More colours. In this collection D&G uses more colourblocking, printblocking, big accesoires and GOLD. It was very creative, flawless and busy!
I'll show some different outfits that I've chosen.

D&G Spring 2012.
I totally love the model of the skirt and the print. For some reasons it matches with the shirt and a bit yellow in the shoes could they use. Off course with big gold earrings and a printed bag.

I think this is one of my favorites. First it totally fits on the model. Nice colour using. Darkblue, yellow and gold. The shoes doesn't really fit. But I'm not suprised why this collection is so succesful.
Next time I think do no put a neclet on. Than it is too much.

Long trousers, that's what I missed through all the cute dresses, skirts and blouses.
But this trousers is a true design. I love the print and the weird combination with the blouse. It is a sort of Versace-like but than way better!
Well done.

One word: SUPER.

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I hope you all have noticed the totally new lay-out which is nicer than the other one.
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Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

Hi! Í was gona for a while, and I'm sorry for that, I was busy and I'm gonna do this blog in another style.
I'll give my opinions more and have a goal: To be invited for the Amsterdam Fashion Week.
So... I looked at the catwalkshow of Marc Jacobs Spring 2012, and I was impressed.
It was not my favorite collection, that was Anna Sui, but I'll show some outfits with my opinions under it.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2012
I definitly love the boots! and the top, but I think this outfit is too busy. The colours are not my favorite colours together, but I like the material of the coat and top. And the model don't have to look that angry :)

I like the top very much, matching with the jacker, but the skirt makes the outfit look like a grandma outfit I think. The boots matches.

Aww cute dress! I think it'll be nicer if it was a bit shorter, but I definitly love it.
The socks in the shoes matches with the dress I think.

I think this is one of my favorites of the Marc Jacobs colection Spring 2012.
The coat looks like the others, but this one matches more with the dress.skirt and the boats makes the look not Grandma-like.

I love the jacket, but I think the skirt is terrible! its not my style.

Okay, this were my opinions of the Marc Jacobs collection, if you not agree with it. I'm okay with (:
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tartan look.

The Tartan is a sort of print with blocks, it is from Scotland and really populair. Its traditinal. Later in the years the Tartan spread all over the world and were used in accesoires, clothing, books and other stuff.
The Tartan is back in Fashion Baby!
Check out the newest Tartan looks.

This is a bit Halloween-like, but the dress is cute though. It matches perfect with the shoes!
The hair fits to the outfit, but the spiderweb (?)

Here we go! The fishbraid, it matches perfect with the long tartan skirt.It is a a little bit myterious, but I like it. Next time I think they should wear High glans heels.

Emma Watson looks really cool in this dress! With the leather jacket on it and the hair, and the basic heels, Well done Emma. Aww Rihanna looks cute and cool at the same time. It is a really cute dress, the panty with holes in it, and the sturdy shoes with a bit plateau sool. And the hair is really cute, but the bandana makes it more Rihanna.
This is one of my favorite ones! It is a real winter-look and the colours are matching very nicely.
With a little bit fur it indegrated. High boots and straight hair.

Yeah, the grandma-look I have nothing to say more.

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Just one sentence: Bows are hot.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fashion Doll

Cute doll eyes, super blonde hair with curls or straight. The doll look is gonna be hot this Winter!
Cute soft pink dresses, white peticoats, big eyes, overknees and a fake fur jacket.
This is the dress code for the Dolll look! Even if you're not blonde, you can do the Doll look. It's all about being cute!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

H&M Versace

The H&M for Versace collection finally aired!, but the rush yesterday that Donatella Versace's collection for H & M did,apparently also had an economic purpose. Immediately emerged: thefirst garments on the 'Belgian' on eBay, at dizzying rates. Thus, thestarting bid for a Versace dress 99 euros nearly double: 180 euro.

pursuit of profit
Not everyone is looking for an original garment for themselves, or not toadorn the body with it. Some saw their chance, whether or notsignificant, to make a profit with the loot. Even before the Versacecollection for H & M was in stores, have already been asked exorbitant prices on the popular auction site eBay. After the assault on the Belgianbranch yesterday, diving is only more pieces on, also hoped to at leastmultiples of the original price. 

Find out, what you think about H&M for Versace:

Chanel Underwater world

Chanel's fashion show took place this morning in a Karl Lagerfeldcreated underwater world. Huge, white underwater plants, coral, shellsand fish formed the backdrop for the spring / summer 2012 show fromthe popular French fashion house. A beautiful setting for the presentation of an equally impressive collection.